Create Future

The Yaskawa Innovation Program

We will create new values in the fields of Mechatronics, Clean Power, and Humatronics, together with startup companies worldwide.

Policy & Vision

We form collaborative partnerships with startup companies worldwide, with an initial focus on IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).We aim to bring additional synergies to the creation of new business and to expand our main business areas, originating from core technologies stated in our Vision 2025; Robotics, Motion Control, and Power Conversion.

Yaskawa Vision

Background and Objective

We have formed capital alliances and have been working together with companies with whom we see potential for technical synergies such as ReWalk Robotics Ltd., an Israeli venture that makes exoskeleton devices which aid people to walk, Japanese EV venture GLM Co., Ltd., and Robotic Biology Institute Inc., a venture in the field of automation in biomedical work.


In recent years open innovation has become more widespread and many venture companies have appeared on the scene with advanced technologies and applications that offer potential for commercialization in short periods. Our goal is to offer new values to society. By making full-fledged investments in venture companies with capacities for faster development to add to our own high level of technology, we will accelerate our bid to achieve the “fusion of core technology advancement and open innovation” as outlined in its Vision 2025.

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