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Maximum performance for every process

No matter how large a woodworking machine is designed, everything is about the quality and throughput of the final product. With Best in Class Components and an open and connectable architecture, YASKAWA provides an important contribution to performance. And has done so for decades.

Discover the limitless possibilities of YASKAWA.

Energy efficient inverter drives for spindle motors, transport and ventilation systems

Wether put in a control cabinet or at a wall, in clean or harsh environment, the flexible package design of the GA700 allows a reliable operation under various environmental conditions.

Limitless possibilities

With a flexible motor control, powerful and extendable functionality, and a broad power range up to 630 kW, the GA700 is the drive of choice for almost any task, ranging from simple transportation, presses and others up to complex systems with network connected drives or the demand for higher levels of safety.

YASKAWA opens up new possibilities of energy efficiency and energy saving for fans and other applications with variable torque, using the latest inverter drive technology.

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